Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Story of John James Brentnall

John James Brentnall was born in
Springfield New Brunswick in the
county of Kings in possibly 1845
to John M.L. and Sarah Wilson Brentnall.
In the census of 1871 he is listed
as a farmer/ shoemaker in the same town as his parents.
His wife is listed as Elizabeth even though
she is Almira Elizabeth Hamm.
This is the life of John James Brentnall,
,my great grandfather's brother,
and told through pedigree diagram
and story.

"The Brentnall Family listed in New Brunswick Census of 1900"

Brentnall John J. Head M May 1861 50
Brentnall Gertrude Wife M Jul 1880 30
Brentnall Annie Dau S Apr 1902 8
Brentnall Gladis Dau S Jul 1904 6
Brentnall William Son S Nov 1905 5
Brentnall Robert Son S Nov 1908 2

     "John James Brentnall and Almira Elizabeth Hamm"

John James Brentnall and Alvira Elizabeth Hamm were married in Springfield New Brunswick in the Year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and seventy one. Listed in the same town is John's father John M.L. Brentnall who emmigrated here in 1841 from Nottinghamshire with his brother Samuel E Brentnall. Living in the same abode with John M.L. is a daughter Sarah now 15 and a step daughter Maria Jane Wilson. Maria Jane is the daughter of John's wife Sarah who was a widow in 1841 before their marriage. To date it is not known if Wilson is Sarah's maiden name widowed name or other. Was Maria Jane born out of Wedlock?

…and now back to John James Brentnall
Their first child of John James Brentnall and Alvira is Ruth born in 1871 in New Brunswick and possibly Springfield. In 1881 they are listed on US census in the town of Chelsea Suffolk County in the state of Massachusetts. They live in Chelsea til at least 1890 when Lester, the fourth child, dies..maybe even later.

In 1900 John James marries Helena Gertrude Perry in Saint John New Brunswick so we know now that Alvira has died and he is a widower and she a spinster. He is listed as 49 years of age and she 19. Shame on you Great Uncle John!

John James died sometime between 1911-1918 because he is listed on the 1911 Census report as a resident of Saint John County N.B. and Helena marries Warren Herbert Sears in 1918.

And now for the clicker………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warren Herbert Sears was married to Helena's younger sister Alva Agatha Perry born 1885. By the time Alva died of consumption in 1915 she had bore 3 children with Herbert Warren Sears:
Robert 1907, Maude 1908, and Arthur 1909.

…and then!

Helena G. Perry Brentnall marries Warren Herbert Sears in Saint John New Brunswick on March 18 1918 in Saint John. I had an email many moons ago from another genealogist about the strange circumstances surrounding Helena and Herbert Sears. Wonder now if this is what they meant! Tis a mystery. You have to realize this is 1918 New Brunswick where people did not tolerate these kinds of actions. Silly really when you think of it but these were god-fearing people who put God above all else. Man and beasts!

Helena Gertrude Perry died in Calais Maine in 1946 but for some strange reason is burried in New Brunswick not terribly far from Warren Herbert Sears who died at and is burried in Milltown New Brunswick. He died in the same year but on April 6. Did they separate? Divorce? Tis a mystery but if there's a way da man will find it.
The History John James Brentnall and his most tumultuous life has no ending.

As for me anything I have gotten has been through Aunts Uncles and Siblings. I don't want to ever see my little nephews and nieces have children one day and be at a loss to tell those little darlings who they are where they came from and how they arrived to where they are now. Without a knowledge of our past we cannot possibly have and enjoy a bright future. Little Connolly one day will be married and have children as will Trillium and Noah and Sarah Jane Elizabeth and Sydney and oh my goodness there are too many to name. Maybe one day one a those little ones will look up to their own Mom and Dad and ask " Mommy who told you all this stuff about me?" Hope they can say, "Well Sydney.That was your Great Uncle Roderick who for the most part of his life found out all this wonderful stuff so that you will never have to ask where I come from and who I am.

Writing by the way is the greatest form of therapy that ails you. You don't always need to publish it…just to write it . Through so many sources I have found out exactly who I am who my people were and why kindness forgiveness and compassion is the most important qualities a man can have.

The best thing a man may leave is his word"

- Roderick Brentnall