Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Come Join Teksavvy Internet/Telephone/Cable

Hello TekSavvy - Goodbye Rogers,Adios Bell

teksavvy logo
It’s official.

I am now accessing the net through my new TekSavvy DSL connection and it is superbly fast, delightfully cheap and comes with no limits on my bandwidth usage. I highly recommend them.

I’ve been with Rogers for years and was constantly bitching and complaining about their inconsistent speeds, arbitrary capping of bandwidth, throttling of P2P traffic and just generally being a useless bunch of arrogant twats. The straw that broke my back and got me jazzed up enough to follow through on my threats to get another provider was when Rogers started hijacking my browser and inserting their own messages to me within the web sites I was trying to access.

rogers message
That’s like blocking my way on a sidewalk so you can talk to me.

That’s like interrupting my phone call and insisting I speak with you.

That’s like grabbing my wrist and keeping my fork full of food from reaching my mouth so that I have to listen to you.

TekSavvy was fast in getting me set up and their support was terrific to ensure I got online without any problems. I work with some rather large media files and I pretty much do all my work online now so uninterrupted, reliable net access and unfettered bandwidth usage is important to me.

I tried to get a business account with Rogers to get around the limits they were imposing on their home accounts - but they wouldn’t let me. Can’t have a business account at your home location. WTF? Nope - you could only get a Rogers business account at a business location. They told me I had to get an office somewhere and then they would let me have a business account. That’s really forward thinking of these f**ktards. The concept of working from home is completely foreign to them.

I shall stop complaining now.

TekSavvy has their own difficulties but not because they are f**ktards. Their problems stem from the f**ktards at Bell who are seeking to throttle all the traffic in the intertubes - even the traffic of their wholesale customers. TekSavvy, and many others, are taking them to court. I’ll be sure to report more on that here as new information becomes available.

But right now — I’m goin’ surfing!!!!