Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Contractors on the internet

It was a crazy year with a few clients to fit the mould.They now have on the internet a list of bad contractors people should be aware of.I am not on it . I did however talk to a few guys over the past month about some pretty bad clients.Think I'll start that up though an internet
web service if I can find enough contractors with their own horror stories.This country...I don't know.Granted they both exist but the bad ones change their company names every year to keep their dishonest bank accounts above water.The city of Toronto does nothing to help
either side so what can one expect.When "Holmes on Holmes" aired on HGTV a couple years back Canadian Homeowners got this idea that
their saviour had arrived.This man is making millions not on helping a few people here and there but selling Dewalt Power Tools to an uneducated public who has come to believe he is the way to a better
construction future.How very sad.You've seen him advertising coffee,
food products and the latest "Help the united Way" This is a Canadian Celebrity and no Saviour. See Here to try finding an answer from "Holmes on Holmes".Look a little closer Canada .Give me your views......... pro and con. Video

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